Why we love what we do

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Hello you,  Thank you for your support in advance!  This company means so much to me. It is named after my father Kenol. Who has passed due to COVID. The photo on the left  was taken in 1993 . As you can see  my father was that man. He loved all of his kids even if it meant hard discipline at times. Sometimes I feel like my  father knew it was his time. I constantly think of his last words to me. "Continue having that same fire  that you had in you as a little girl and don't let anyone tell you other wise". Little did he know I was really feeling discouraged at that time and he LIT a fire in me. That would  take me on my forever journey. My father was a man who always like to dress to impress. In other word this man had swag since day one. I wanted to create a company that would have part of him. A legacy that could be carried on throughout a lifetime .Tomorrow isn't promised so lets make today legendary. I am the legend Noel will live on!